Terms & Conditions

You must carefully read the following Terms & conditions of contract and waiver of liability details

Booking Procedure
A completed booking form and the required deposit must be forwarded to this office. If the deposit is not received by this date the booking will be deemed cancelled and cancellation fees applied.

  1. Transfer of booking and amendment to bookings
    If you wish to change any bookings made on the original booking or transfer to another trip you must advise Mega Treks & Expeditions in writing.
  2. Cancellation fees
    Should you cancel your booking you must notify Mega Treks & Expedition in writing. On receipt of this written notice cancellation will be effected. If you cancel a booking any time prior to departure date, Mega Treks & Expedition will forfeit your $500 deposit. If you cancel 60-30 days prior to departure Mega Treks & Expedition will forfeit 30% of total tour cost. If you cancel within 30 days prior to departure Mega Trek & Expedition will forfeit 50% of total tour cost.
  3. Fitness and health requirements
    We recommend all participants take regular exercise before their trip. For trekking trips we require that you undergo a medical examination and have a doctor complete our medical questionnaire to ascertain adequate fitness for the selected trek. If you suffer from severe heart, chest, muscular or respiratory disorders, are a severe asthmatic or have high blood pressure we strongly advise against joining a trek. Should your medical questionnaire indicate that your doctor does not deem you fit enough to undertake a trek we will refund your deposit in full. Your medical questionnaire must be completed and returned to this office before final documents can be issued.
  4. Minimal numbers on groups which results in cancellation of a trip.
    Should there be too few people on any trip to conduct that trip we reserve the right to cancel that trip. If we are unable to transfer you to another trip your deposit and any payments will be refunded in full.
  5. Travel Insurance
    Your trip cost does not include travel or personal insurance. However we INSIST you have adequate travel insurance cover for the duration of the trip. Proof of cover must be sent to this office before final documents will be issued.
  6. Changes in Trekking route or itinerary.
    It may be necessary due to weather, local transport or various other reasons to make changes to your itinerary/route. Mega Treks & Expedition reserves the right to do so – at the discretion of the group leader. No refunds will be considered on the basis of itinerary/route changes.
  7. Postponement or delays
    The Company cannot be made liable for the consequences of strikes, industrial action, wars, riots, sickness, quarantine, government intervention, weather conditions, the failure of a scheduled airline, or other untoward occurrences, whatever they may be. In the event of civil unrest in a particular region, we undertake to inform our clients of the situation as soon as we have knowledge of it.
  8. Airline responsibility
    This contract booking form is not issued on behalf of any airline and does not make any commitment on their behalf in the course of the trip or any extra payments that occurs on your international ticket.
  9. Trip costs
    The quoted trip cost is accurate at time of booking and we do our utmost to maintain fair costs. However some matters are beyond our control and we reserve the right to increase our total trip cost up to time of departure as a result of major currency fluctuations, peak royalty cost, increased fuel costs, airport charges, increased airfares or increased local operator charges.
  10. Group airfares
    All airfares quoted for groups are based on group numbers and if you wish to deviate from the group booking your fare will be adjusted accordingly.
  11. Items not included in trip costs (unless specifically mentioned)
  • Passport and visa charges
  • Meals not included in quoted itinerary and cost
  • Personal items – laundry, postage, personal expenses and medical expenses on tour.
  • Emergency evacuation charges
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Early departure from the Trip
  • Tipping to staff.

The Company’s agents and representatives, other than a Director of The Company, are not entitle to promise refunds for whatever reason, and The Company will not be bound by any such promises. These booking conditions may only be waived in special circumstances, and in writing, by a letter from a Director of The Company. The terms and conditions of all agreements made with the Company shall be subject to, and governed by, Nepal’s law.

In signing this booking form I also acknowledge and confirm the following:

To: Mega Treks & Expedition and its various land management authorities who grant the license to operate this trip being the Licensor

I am aware that your trekking/expedition involve going to high-altitude and carry an inherent risk of altitude illness. Similarly, most of our trips visit remote locations or poorly developed regions where infrastructure is limited. In such places, the risks to health are increased and the ability to treat injury or illness effectively is reduced. Additionally, climbing and mountaineering, which includes treks that cross glaciated terrain or snow-bound passes, are hazardous activities with a risk of serious injury or death. By signing these booking conditions I acknowledge these hazards and your acceptance of the associated risks.

Neither The Company nor any of its representatives will be responsible for any illness, injury or death sustained on our expeditions/trekking, nor will they be liable for any uninsured loss of personal property.

I confirm that I am over the age of 18 years and that I have read and understood the terms and conditions of this contract and this agreement prior to signing it and I agree that this agreement will be binding upon my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators and successors.